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Spider Droppings

We have seen spider droppings on aircraft that were in hangers or parked in the elements. We have seen them on boats whether they were in a boathouse, tied to a dock, mooring buoy, or on a trailer. The easiest way to get rid on them is to clean your aircraft or boat frequently so they don’t harden onto the paint or gelcoat. The Dry Wash does a good job of getting rid of them but if they are still there after a clean, use Wingman. You can also use additional Dry Wash and take a bug scrubber pad or “Magic Eraser” type of pad with some scrubbing. ¬†Once you have spent the extra time and effort to get rid of these, you won’t want to let them sit for long!

Maintaining a wax, polymer, or ideally a nano ceramic coating will prevent them from hardening into the paint or gelcoat.

Spider Droppings

How to use Turbine Sootmaster

Spray the Sootmaster on the surface and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth. Available in Canada from Sea & Sky Eco Detailing!

How to Use a Dry Wash

To use a Dry Wash, begin by spraying a clean microfibre so it is moist. If it is heavily soiled, feel free to spray some additional Dry Wash onto the surface. Wipe the Dry Wash Microfibre over the surface picking up the dirt, then use a clean dry microfibre to wipe any excess off.

Real clean Dry Wash is available in Canada from Sea & Sky Eco Detailing!

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